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We’re a locally owned and operated cleaning company in Mississauga, Ontario that provides a wide array of commercial and residential cleaning services that are affordable and accommodate your wants and needs. Whether you require a weekly maid service, a one-time cleaning, or monthly office cleaning, our Mississauga cleaning professionals can completely tailor their services according to your needs and schedule. Our cleaning specialists go above and beyond for each client and we excel in communication. Let’s discuss your specific cleaning needs today!

We Offer Fogging Disinfection Services

Fogging has taken over the cleaning industry, particularly since COVID-19 upended our lives and the way we go about our daily routines. This is a type of disinfecting technique in which a botanical solution is applied as fog to help eliminate microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. It has proven to be a very effective office cleaning service, especially in areas with high traffic but it also makes for a great cleaning service for your home.

It's Safe for People, Animals, and the Environment

We use an environmentally friendly botanical disinfectant that has been proven to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and more. The active ingredient in our cleaning agent (Thymol) is also Health Canada-approved.

Why Consider Fogging

Your space can be completely disinfected with just one fogging cleaning appointment in Mississauga today. The results are a long-lasting and germ-free environment your family or employees can feel safe and comfortable in.

Professional cleaner in blue safety suit using electrostatic fogging machine

We Hold Our Employees to the Highest Standards Possible

We’re a professional cleaning company that holds ourselves to high standards, especially because clients trust us to enter their homes. We treat each space with utmost respect and want to provide you with stress-free and reliable cleaning services which is why we offer a 24-hour guarantee. We are also animal lovers so if you won’t be home while our cleaning staff is there, don’t worry – your pets will be safe with us (and may receive a lot of extra attention!). And, upon request, we’ll take out your garbage, change your bedsheets, and clean your fridge inside and out!

Standard Upkeep Cleaning

Our cleaning staff don’t just sweep and mop and call it a day. We wash, brush, wipe and disinfect from floor to ceiling in every room of your home or condo – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, you name it. Our experienced cleaning professionals also use the highest quality cleaning supplies on the market to ensure an even deeper clean.
Professionally cleaned refrigerator interior

Leave All the Cleaning to Us

We’re pleased to offer personalized cleaning services which is what sets us apart from our competitors. Together, we can determine the best cleaning plan for you and your space whether you require residential or commercial cleaning services. We even offer what we call a “toothbrush clean” where we literally get down on our hands and knees and scrub every last piece of dirt away from floorboards, window ledges, and hard-to-reach areas. A thorough cleaning of your home or office is the best way to keep you or your employees safe and healthy.

A Safe and Clean Home for You and Your Family

We are proud to offer services with the HEPA backpack vacuum. These amazing machines collect at least 99.9% of all household allergens and pollutants. From vacuuming the floors, stairs, every carpet in your home and your furniture, your family will instantly feel the difference once cleaning is complete!

24-Hour Satisfaction Guarantee

We work to exceed the expectations of each client every time we enter their home or commercial space. We provide regular housekeeping services (cleaning and sanitizing, tidying up, washing windows, vacuuming, etc.), and other house cleaning packages to suit your specific needs. If you’re not happy with the work completed, let us know right away and we’ll return free of charge to make things right.

Request a Quote for Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services in Mississauga

Whether you require weekly or monthly recurring cleaning services, a one-time cleaning service, or want to discuss personalized deep cleaning needs, contact us today. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and answer any questions that you may have. Whether you have questions about our cleaning tools, what our general cleaning services include, or more, let us know.
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We Take Pride in Our Work

Quality, Professional House Cleaning Services Mississauga Can Count On
We’re proud that clients choose us to provide cleaning solutions for them and their families. Whether it’s surface-level cleaning or a deep cleaning service, we want to leave your home feeling fresh, appealing, inviting, and comfortable. We take our job very seriously and pay close attention to every detail with the help of effective cleaning techniques and products to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations with every clean.

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The Highest Quality of Office and House Cleaning Services in Mississauga
We take cleaning your home or office very seriously and strive to be the best cleaning service Mississauga offers. Our cleaning service is available in the surrounding areas as well, including Brampton, Oakville, Vaughan, Burlington, and more. Let our team make your space cleaner and healthier than it’s ever been before. We have many years of cleaning experience and want to look after your space no matter the cleaning tasks you request – you name it, we’ll clean it. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you.
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