Maid 4 Cleaning

House Cleaning Service Or Individual?

SHOULD YOU HIRE A CLEANING SERVICE OR INDIVIDUAL CLEANER FOR YOUR HOME? Are you thinking about hiring a maid? There are two options open for you – you can hire an individual to clean your home, or you can choose from several companies that offer their own cleaning services. Now, there are actually plenty of … Read more

Tips For Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

10. Call a Cleaning Company Stainless steel, in theory, is very much resilient to rust, heat, and chemicals. Due to these properties, they look great and are very popular in modern kitchens for a number of different reasons. But there is one downside to having stainless steel appliances and that is that some day-to-day materials … Read more

How to Prevent Cross Contamination While Cleaning

You may not be able to see them but germs are everywhere and cross contamination is a major issue in many businesses and industries. This issue is particularly prevalent in the food and healthcare industries. Contamination occurs with the transfer of bacteria and other microscopic organisms. This transfer from one surface to another, usually, occurs … Read more

A Guide To Shmopping

Do you find yourself mopping often but can’t seem to find that desired look that you’ve always envisioned? Well, there’s lot more to floor cleaning than one may think. For those asking, we recommend using a Shmop because it is more sanitary than a cotton mop. The shmop includes a flat microfiber cloth that goes on … Read more