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A Guide To Shmopping

floor being mopped

Do you find yourself mopping often but can’t seem to find that desired look that you’ve always envisioned? Well, there’s lot more to floor cleaning than one may think. For those asking, we recommend using a Shmop because it is more sanitary than a cotton mop. The shmop includes a flat microfiber cloth that goes on … Read more

Top 10 Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

A Border Collie looking at the camera

Animal lovers will know that our furry friends are more than simply companions. They are members of the family that we welcome into our homes, our hearts, and our lives. As much as we love and appreciate them, pets are not always helpful in our efforts to keep the house clean. From scratched furniture to … Read more

How To Ensure A Clean Home Over The Holidays


Maintain a Clean Home Over the Holidays with these Tips! With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re most likely thinking about gifts, decorations, and upcoming celebrations. If you’re hosting friends and family, or simply want to be prepared for any guests who may visit, it’s a good idea to have a cleaning plan … Read more

8 Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Clean All Year

Cleaning tools with spring themed design

The arrival of spring is a time filled with hope, anticipation, and excitement for long, hot, sunny days. It’s also the season when most of us make an additional effort to clean and tidy our living spaces. Spring cleaning can provide a welcome boost to the home, but sadly our efforts rarely pay long-term dividends. … Read more

How To Make Your Own Natural Cleaner

Cleaning the sink with a towel and a spray using own natural cleaner

Natural cleaners provide an excellent alternative to traditional household cleaners that contain harmful toxins and chemicals which can be dangerous to your health and to your home. Made with fresh, all-natural ingredients, these cleaners take care of dirty situations small and large, in any room in the home. An array of cleaners exist today, with … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Odors In Your Home

A neat and organized kitchen

When it comes to things that can drive you crazy at your home, dealing with odors that won’t go away ranks pretty high. To help you out, we’ve collected the best ways to get rid of the smell in your house, while not spending a lot of money on hiring expensive services to get rid … Read more

How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Modern minimalist bathroom

Has it been too long since you really cleaned your bathroom from top to bottom? If so, we’ve put together our complete guide on how to deep clean your bathroom. From specific products to tips and tricks, this is your ultimate guide to deep cleaning your bathroom. We know that this isn’t something you need to … Read more

How To Remove Green Algae From Concrete

Green algae

There are at least 350 million types of algae, most of which are found in oceans. However, many homes located in humid climates are continually fighting fungus and algae growth. Algae are usually deep green and slippery to touch. Since it doesn’t grow like the common weed, it does not have any roots or stems. … Read more

How to Deep Clean Your Home Before Bringing Home a Newborn

An image of a baby sleeping

LEARN HOW TO DEEP CLEAN YOUR HOME BEFORE INTRODUCING A NEWBORN As you prepare for baby’s arrival, you may feel overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list, but make sure that you don’t forget the importance of a clean home! Now is the perfect time to create that spic and span, safe sanctuary that welcomes baby … Read more

How To Clean Your Home To Prepare For Winter

Winter Season

Winter and cold weather is around the corner. It is already here in many places. That means we are about to shut ourselves inside our homes over the next few months. This also means we will have to spend a lot of time inhaling the dirt and dust that have collected in our homes during … Read more