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Commercial Cleaning Services, Mississauga

Maid 4 Cleaning is a reliable team of commercial cleaning experts with years of experience providing exceptional cleaning services in Mississauga. We have a team of highly dedicated janitorial cleaners who strive to deliver the highest quality cleaning for your office or commercial building so that you can maintain a safe and healthy environment for workers. From desks to bathrooms to carpet cleaning, our janitorial staff provides professional office cleaning solutions for business owners across Mississauga, Toronto, and surrounding areas in Ontario.

Office Cleaning Professionals

Our team works to provide Mississauga, Ontario residents with the best customer service while providing outstanding commercial cleaning services. We’re a business that thrives on our ability to take care of cleaning for other businesses. We believe creating a clean environment can boost staff productivity and help portray a level of professionalism to your potential clients. Contact us today to get a free quote!

Customized Office Cleaning

We work to build a fully customized cleaning plan by assessing your cleaning needs and determining commercial cleaning services that work best for you. From the messiest of offices to the most minimal of spaces, our highly trained team of professional janitorial cleaners will put in every effort to deliver an excellent clean. We always pay close attention to detail, which results in an unmatched level of cleaning service. We also work around your schedule to meet your business needs in Mississauga, Toronto, and the surrounding areas.

Professional cleaner disinfecting mouse pad in Mississauga office

Our COVID-19 Fogging And Cleaning Services

At Maid 4 Cleaning, we pay careful attention when cleaning commercial offices and stores in Mississauga, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that workspaces need to be properly sanitized, and our staff carefully disinfects professional businesses with ease. We use a high-tech fogging system to make sure every area is clean and free of germs. We provide fogging janitorial services to give business owners peace of mind when it comes to staff safety. Call us today for the best cleaning services for your Mississauga commercial space.

Our Team Of Commercial Cleaning Experts

Our team of staff delivers high-quality commercial cleaning solutions to any company looking for a reliable, professional janitorial agency. We take pride in cleaning Mississauga and Toronto businesses and working around their schedule.

Having a healthy environment will also help maintain excellent air quality and keep the office a pleasant place to work. We believe in taking time to make your office space look its best. We assess your cleaning needs, then come up with a comprehensive cleaning strategy and schedule for us to perform our thorough office cleaning services.

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reliable cleaners in mississauga


Our cleaning company in Mississauga goes above and beyond any of our competitors. We work to exceed your expectations each time we enter your home. That’s why we provide exceptional janitorial services to our clients by thoroughly cleaning carpets, floors, office supplies, high traffic areas, and any other area that may need cleaning. Get in touch with us at any time for emergency cleaning services, or to build a commercial cleaning plan and schedule that works for you and your employees.

Our Commercial Services Include:

Office Space

  • Windowsills and Ledges
  • Wiping Woodwork
  • Washing Mirrors
  • Dusting All Furniture
  • Removing Cobwebs and Fingerprints
  • Emptying Garbage
  • Washing Floors
  • Vacuuming Carpets


  • Sinks, Basins, Toilets, Vanities
  • Countertops and Backsplash
  • Windowsills and Ledges
  • Washing Mirrors
  • Removing Cobwebs and Fingerprints
  • Emptying Garbage
  • Washing Floors
  • General Dusting 

Customized Mississauga Office Cleaning

Clean meeting room in Mississauga commercial building

Having a clean office is beneficial for you and your employees, and should be a priority in the workplace. Cleanliness is an important factor when trying to prevent the flu and other illnesses from spreading between workers around the office. With good air quality and a clean office, workers can remain healthier throughout the year. Contact us today to get a free cleaning quote from our team of commercial cleaning engineers!

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If you’re looking for commercial janitorial services from an exceptional company that prides itself on providing quality service, you’ve found it! Our superior commercial cleaning services in Mississauga works to meet each client’s individual cleaning needs. Maid 4 Cleaning is here to provide you with the ultimate cleaning service for your office environment. With our commercial cleaning team, you’ll never have to worry about dust or grime in your office ever again. Get in touch with Maid 4 Cleaning to get a free cleaning quote from a member of our professional commercial cleaning staff.

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