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A Guide To Shmopping

Do you find yourself mopping often but can’t seem to find that desired look that you’ve always envisioned? Well, there’s lot more to floor cleaning than one may think. For those asking, we recommend using a Shmop because it is more sanitary than a cotton mop.

The shmop includes a flat microfiber cloth that goes on a flat plastic cleaning utensil. Using a shmop and mastering the correct cleaning techniques is a great way to get your floors shining like they once did. contact Maid 4 Cleaning today and we will gladly have your floors looking brand new with the amazing shmop! To make it easy for you, here is a step-by-step guide to Shmopping!

1. Gather essential supplies to shmop the floor

A man holding a mop and tools for cleaningTo properly clean a floor, you will need a vacuum cleaner or a broom, a shmop, a bucket or sink, and a good floor cleaner mixed with water. There are several types of floor cleaners available in the market, and we find the microfiber cloths attract more dust and pollutants than the cotton ones and are also more sanitary. So, be careful while choosing your supplies.

2. Sweep or vacuum the area before you start

A good sweep is important before you start shmopping. Vacuuming is also an option. If sweeping is not done right, the shmop may get dirty faster. To ensure that the whole floor is clean, move the furniture and clean beneath it, and remove items from the floor like toys and slippers. This will make sure that the room is vacant and space is open for shmopping and cleaning.

3. Fill a bucket with hot water

Start by mixing hot water and a dab of floor cleaning solution, you can review the instructions on the label for a more accurate amount. Make sure the agent you are using is only designed for cleaning floors. In case the water gets too dirty, it’s easy to let the water drain out, wipe down the sink, and begin with fresh water. Most people prefer to use a bucket over the sink since you can carry it along the path of the shmop and wring out the water as you go. Make sure you use hot water and the appropriate cleaning solution for your floor for the best results.
A lady mopping Happily

4. Learn the correct cleaning technique

It’s important that you learn the right technique for cleaning your floors. You should always start at the top of the room and make your way down to the bottom so that you are always standing on the un-mopped floor. This will prevent your footprints from tracking.Wipe in straight lines in the event that you are using a sponge to wipe clean. In case you are using cotton mops, which we don’t recommend, ensure that you wipe in a figure eight shape to make sure you use the design of your mop to its fullest. Whenever you feel sticky spots, rub and push down with your wipe against the floor to scrub at the spot.

Your floors shouldn’t leave any streaks if you have followed our step by step guide, however, if there are some it could be time to buy a new schmop or try a new cleaning solution. If you don’t think you have enough time to clean your floors diligently throughout the week, you can always call Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. for cleaning services in Mississauga. Contact us about our home cleaning services and we will gladly be at your service.