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How To Clean A Leather Couch Naturally

Many people are choosing to leave behind cleaning products filled with harsh chemicals in favour of all-natural cleaning solutions. Rather than purchase leather cleaner, we can help you eliminate germs and other dirt with these simple, natural solutions. After this article, you will never clean a leather sofa the same!

Over time, dirt, dust and other grime can build up on your leather furniture. Choose to skip the leather cleaner and use a combination of natural methods to clean your couch. Our professional house cleaners know that the best way to clean the surface of leather furniture is by vacuuming and cleaning it with a damp cloth.

The first step should be to take off all of the cushions from your leather couch and vacuum it to remove excess debris. Next, place all of the cushions back onto the couch and wipe them down with a cleaning solution. We recommend that you either use either one of these homemade spray recipes:

These will act like soap and help clean away grime when applied to a clean cloth and used on leather furniture. Rub the mixture in slowly after you test it on a small section of your couch.

Make sure to dry your clean leather furniture with a microfiber towel or dry cloth after you clean it. This step shouldn’t be skipped because leather can be weakened when water is left to dry on it.

Prevent New Stains

To maintain clean leather furniture, you should treat it for any new stains. Rather than buying a leather treatment kit, you can create a natural cleaning solution with baby soap and water. Mix the solution in a bowl and apply it with a damp cloth. This will clean leather and help prevent any new stains from setting.

Get Rid Of Grease Stains

Cleaning wine stain with sponge in couch
It can be difficult – but not impossible – to clean a leather couch of any grease stains. Try sprinkling baking soda on the stains and let it sit overnight. Rather than brush it away, rub it away with a damp cloth.

Get An Ink Stain Out Of Your Leather Sofa

Rubbing alcohol can help remove ink stains from your leather couch quickly. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the stain with a cotton swab or q-tip until it begins to lift. You will be able to wipe away any stains quickly with this easy solution.

Use Coconut Oil On Scratches

Mild oil like lemon essential oil, olive oil, or coconut oil is a great option to naturally soften your leather and lighten any scratches on the leather’s surface. Dip a clean cotton cloth into a small amount of oil or use q-tips if the scratch is small enough. Then gently massage the leather surface. After letting it rest on the surface for 5 mins, gently buff off the remainder.
This method will quickly remove scratches on your leather couch and make the surface as soft as a leather conditioner would. The scent of the oils like coconut oil will also help your leather couch smell great!