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How To Create A Cleaning Schedule That Works

A tidy bathroomCleaning is a chore that many people put on the back-burner. Often, it’s not intentional, people just get caught up with life. They get busy with other things and forget the last time they cleaned the bathroom.

If you want to keep your house looking its best, you need a cleaning schedule to keep you on track. Find out how you can create a cleaning schedule that works for your household.

You might think that a cleaning schedule is a little excessive, bordering on obsessive behaviour. However, it’s a logical solution to your cleaning struggles. Here are several ways in which a cleaning schedule can help you:


When you put off your cleaning, the mess builds up. Eventually, it gets to a breaking point – the point at which you can’t take the mess anymore. The only way to feel better about the mess is to go on a cleaning frenzy.

With a cleaning schedule, you don’t need to worry about the mess building up. You can do a little cleaning every day. The days of weekend cleaning sprees will be over, and your house will always be clean.


For many individuals, a messy house is a source of stress. It’s a constant reminder of all the things on your to-do list. Rather than stare at the mess and let your stress build, you can tackle it a bit at a time by following a cleaning schedule. Your house will be clean, and you will feel relaxed. When you have less stress, you have a happier household.

3. It splits up your responsibilities

Cleaning usually falls on the shoulders of the same individual all the time. Your partner might not know what needs to be cleaned, and you may hate to be nagging constantly. If no one else in the household knows what to do, no one else will help you.

A toddler mopping the floorA cleaning schedule makes it much easier to share responsibilities. It’s obvious what needs to be cleaned next. If your partner or children can easily see the schedule, then they have no excuses not to do it.


Before you clean, you need to plan. You need to decide what to clean and how to clean it. This planning process takes time. But when you have a cleaning schedule, there is no need to plan. The schedule tells you exactly what you need to know. Instead of wasting time planning, you can get to cleaning, leaving you more time to do other things.


Cleaning is one of those activities that makes procrastinating easy. After all, you don’t need to clean that stove now, do you? Many people are guilty of putting off cleaning, but a cleaning schedule can change that. It can inspire you to get the job done now, rather than putting it off for later.


Setting up your cleaning schedule is simple. Follow these steps, and you can have your schedule done in no time.


Before you plan your schedule, you need to have an outline for it. One of the easiest and neatest ways to create a schedule is through Excel. Use the program to make an easy-to-read spreadsheet. For the best results, go with a four-week schedule. You can look online for a template or create your own.

If you would rather keep technology out of it, then you can also write out your schedule by hand. Just be sure to keep it neat and organized. If no one can read your plan, then no one will stick to it. You can take a little extra time and decorate it with some colour. By making your schedule bright and fun, you can make cleaning seem a little less dull.


Your next step is to include the specific cleaning duties in your schedule. Make a list of everything that belongs on your cleaning to-do list. Although every home has different cleaning needs, there are a few specifics that belong on every list. Deep cleaning your bathroom, cleaning the kitchen counters, and vacuuming your carpets are common requirements for a cleaning list.

You can also include other important household duties on the list. For example, you could include testing smoke detectors and pulling weeds.


Different cleaning duties require different frequencies. You might need to clean your kitchen every day, but clean your bathroom every other week. Once you determine all of your cleaning duties, you need to list the frequency for each one. Try to be reasonable. After all, you don’t want to create more work than you can handle.

You might have some tasks that only occur once or twice a year. For tasks that aren’t frequent, make a separate area on your cleaning schedule. Write a list of the semi-annual and annual cleaning duties. This can prevent them from falling through the cracks and being ignored.


calendar schedule organizerPlace all of your cleaning duties on the cleaning schedule with the appropriate frequency. Consider your own schedule. If you’re busy on Mondays, then try to schedule fewer or no cleaning duties on that day. Be sure to spread out the tasks so you don’t need to go on a cleaning frenzy.

If you want to involve your family, then you can assign specific duties to family members. Is someone in your household particularly good at scrubbing the floors? If so, then assign them that duty. Try to cater to everyone’s individual strengths and preferences. Assigning cleaning duties is a great way to bring the family together.


Before you start using your cleaning schedule, you might want to start with a clean slate. It’s much easier to stick to your schedule if you have a clean house to begin with. Spend a little extra time and give your home a deep clean.

If you need some help getting your home clean, contact a professional. Maid 4 Cleaning can get your home cleaner than ever. After they clean it, you can keep it clean with your new schedule.