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How To Reduce Dust In Apartment

Getting rid of dust in your condo or apartment can feel like a constant struggle. Apartment buildings are prone to having more dust than the typical house because they typically have older HVAC systems. The older HVAC systems paired with the inadequate ventilation can greatly impact the amount of dust that builds up in your apartment. Even after dusting, you may notice that new dust appears overnight. If you are constantly struggling with all the dust in your home, we can help. Our professional domestic engineers have 5 simple tips that can help you prevent dust and dirt from building up in your apartment or condo.

1. Invest In An Air Purifier

An air purifier is one of the easiest ways of removing dust in your household. These units collect dust floating through your apartment. Air purifiers can also help improve the air quality of your condo, which is particularly helpful for people who suffer from dust allergies.
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2. Use A Damp Cloth To Clean

Have you been using a traditional feather duster while cleaning? It’s no surprise that you see more dust flying around your apartment — feather dusters only move dust around rather than collecting the particles. Instead of wasting your time moving your household dust, use a damp cloth to clean your belongings. The dampness will help absorb dust immediately and prevent it from being further dispersed around your apartment. This will be extremely helpful in reducing dust throughout your home.

3. Use HEPA Air Filters

HEPA filters (also known as high-efficiency particulate air filters) are extremely helpful for any high-dust household. These filters are dust magnets. They can trap particles and molecules that enter air ducts and filters, ensuring that fewer dirt particles are released back into your living space.
A HEPA filter can be inserted into your air conditioning or HVAC system, helping reduce how much dust is in your home with little effort. Allergy sufferers are strongly recommended to use a HEPA filter in their air conditioner or air filtration system.

4. Change Your Sheets

Fabrics tend to collect a lot of dirt. This is especially true for your bedding which you lay in every day. Your dry skin comes off onto your bedding, and those dead skin cells turn into tiny particles of dust. We recommend that you wash sheets and bedding regularly to keep dust levels in check.

5. Capture Dust Mites With A Vacuum

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As previously mentioned, fabric is a magnet for dirt. When dust, pet dander or dead skin flakes settle onto fabric, it becomes trapped and embeds itself into the fabric. This can cause couches, area rugs or other furniture to be laden with dirt and grime.

It is strongly recommended to use your vacuum cleaner weekly. Running your vacuum around your apartment can help remove and trap dust particles that have settled into the fabric. Set your vacuum to the highest setting and use other attachments to clean hard-to-reach areas. This will ensure that your apartment is sparkling and clean.

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Keep Your Home Dust-Free With Professional Cleaning Services

Frequent cleaning is highly recommended because it allows you to trap as much dust as possible. Our professional domestic engineers can help clean