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How to Prevent Cross Contamination While Cleaning

You may not be able to see them but germs are everywhere and cross contamination is a major issue in many businesses and industries. This issue is particularly prevalent in the food and healthcare industries. Contamination occurs with the transfer of bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

This transfer from one surface to another, usually, occurs in food or by people. Once this happens, it is possible that ailment and food poisoning may soon follow.

Improper hygiene and lack of cleanliness are the biggest culprits. Both appear to have simple arrangements and are simple to teach but the most important step is a sincere effort. This effort is toward educating the mass about the benefits of cleanliness.

Contamination takes place when bacteria from unclean surfaces get exposed to humans. To prevent cross contamination contact Maid 4 Cleaning, and follow these tips:

Use Microfiber Cleaning Utensils:

Microfiber cleaningMicrofiber utensils fare well compared to cotton utensils. Made of synthetic fiber, they attract dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens like a magnet. Cotton tools attract about 33% dirt. Whereas, microfiber tools draw up to 99% of dirt, microbes and other pathogens.

The working of microfiber devices takes many factors into consideration. The expulsion of microscopic organisms, dirt, and allergens is one of the factors. The microfiber devices work to draw in and hold these components. You may use microfiber tools like wet mops, dry mops, and dust wands, etc. to keep your place clean.

At an instance when a few people are in charge of the cleaning, things get complicated. It can become troublesome and difficult to guarantee that everybody knows the protocols. It becomes difficult to explain the utility of the microfiber tool.

Colour coding makes it easy to determine which tool is for the bedroom and which one is for the toilet. You need to make sure that everybody knows the color coding for different rooms. It is important to segregate the cleaning products and tools. Those used to clean the restrooms must be different than those used to clean the kitchen or pantry.

Proper Training:

You must train yourself to use the tools to their greatest efficiency. This is one of the most vital and basic tips to prevent cross-contamination. Make sure the willing participants of the family know things like color coding. Knowledge of basics is essential before the beginning of cleaning. In the case of restaurants, hospitals, and other facilities, you need precautions. The supervisors must ensure the maintenance of discipline by the cleaning staff.

A Man teaching two Ladies how to clean

Pay attention to small details:

The main aim of cleaning is to get rid of pollutants and dirt, not to move them from one place to another. So, it is important to pay attention to small details like cleaning the doors and stainless steel knobs. Always vacuum, wash and dry the carpets and rugs to avoid mold growth.

Use eco-friendly products:

Using eco-friendly cleaning products is always an excellent option. Industrial chemical products have a chance to turn out fatal for children and pets. Apply disinfectants to restrooms and leave it for some time to get the full effect.


Now that you are aware of cross contamination, you can try some of these techniques to help prevent cross contamination while cleaning. If you want to be extra diligent while cleaning, you can contact a cleaning team like Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. to come into your home or office.

Our team can ensure that health and safety are always taken into precaution while wiping down furniture and items. Contact us to today learn more about our cleaning services in Mississauga and the surrounding areas.