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Recurring Cleaning Service Mississauga

We provide cleaning equipment and materials like a vacuum cleaner, pails and mops so that we can deliver incredible results (please take note we don’t offer special cleaning products like stainless steel cleaner, marble or granite cleaner, or oven cleaner).

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Ordinarily, the cleaning process includes all the tasks below. We, however, offer customized cleaning services to our clients. If you require special cleaning services, do not be reluctant to ask for it and our experienced workers will attend to you.

Our Recurring Cleaning Service Includes:


  • Washing outside of the cupboards
  • Tidying up
  • Emptying garbage
  • Baseboards cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitizing (if applicable)
    • Inside microwave or toaster
    • Backsplash and countertops
    • Sinks and fixtures
    • Outside of all large and small appliances and stoves.
  • Cleaning ledges and window sills
  • Washing floors 
  • Washing doors and their frames spotlessly
  • Dusting all furniture
  • Washing outside cupboards

Other Rooms

  • Washing and vacuuming floors
  • Washing mirrors
  • Making bed
  • Removing fingerprints and cobwebs
  • Washing doors and door frames
  • Emptying garbage
  • Vacuum cleaning of chairs and sofas
  • Dusting lamps and lower light fixtures
  • Cleaning baseboards
  • Cleaning ledges and window sills
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets
  • Spot wiping woodwork


  • Washing mirrors
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of
    • Toilets, sinks, basins, & vanities
    • Backsplash and countertops
    • Bathtubs, showers and tiles
    • Doors and shower tracks
  • Wiping shelves
  • Washing Mirrors
  • Washing floors
  • Washing doors and door frames spotlessly
  • Wiping woodwork
  • Emptying garbage
  • Removing fingerprints and cobwebs
  • Tidying up
  • Cleaning ledges and window sills

We Also Offer the Following Services Upon Request

  • Emptying Dishwasher
  • Changing Sheets
  • Cleaning Inside of Oven
  • Cleaning Inside of Fridge
  • Washing Blinds
  • Cleaning Garbage Bins
  • Wiping Power Plugs & Light Switches

If you have a self-cleaning oven, we do not use an oven cleaner or any other abrasive cleaner since they end up damaging an oven. To keep your oven safe, we use a piece of soft cloth for wiping.

Self-cleaning ovens need to be put in the self-cleaning cycle a day before the cleaning exercise. This is because it takes some time for the oven to go through the cycle before it cools down afterwards.

If you have an oven that is not self-cleaning, spray it with the oven cleaner a night before the cleaning. You should also leave the spray on the kitchen counter since our cleaning maids may require to use it to re-spray and clean the oven again after the initial cleaning (please note we do not provide oven spray cleaners). 

Normally, cleaning an oven that is not self-cleaning takes longer. Therefore, in such circumstances, the appointment time will be prolonged proportionately.
For the best recurring cleaning services Mississauga, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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At Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. we don’t just sweep and mop, we get down and fight the grime on the floors of your common areas. We use a diligent system to make sure we stringently clean your kitchens, tiled surfaces, hardwood, and anything else that isn’t carpeted! It’s this attention to detail and hard work that makes sure we give you the best clean every time.

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