How to Get Rid of Odors in Your Home

how to get rid of odors in your home
How to Get Rid of Odors in Your Home

When it comes to things that can drive you crazy at your home, dealing with odors that won’t go away ranks pretty high. To help you out, we’ve collected the best ways to get rid of the smell in your house, while not spending a lot of money on hiring expensive services to get rid of it.

Getting Rid of Odors in your House

Household odors can come from any number of different places. From your kitchen to your bathroom or basement, there can be a variety of reasons for a persistent smell in your home. To finally rid yourself of the less than pleasant odors, check out the tips below.

Identify the Source of the Smell 

This is the most basic tip that one has to follow before doing anything else. It can also be called the “basic instinct” tip. This is because you only have to find the source of the odor and throw it away. Yet, services of professionals may be needed in the cases. For example, dampness or leaks in walls due to bad plumbing need professionals.

Immediately Drain away Stagnant Water after Dishes 

One of the causes of potent household odors is basin water used for cleaning the dishes. Most people do not tend to unplug the basin. They sometimes leave the dishwasher on too. While the dishes are clean, the stench of their dirty water remains. There is an easy remedy for this particular odor.

how to get rid of odors in your home

After washing the dishes, empty your dishwasher of every utensil. Then, fill up a “safe cup” with white vinegar, start up your dishwasher and give it another cycle. You don’t have a safe cup? Well, just pour in 2 cups of white vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher, start it and give it another cycle. The white vinegar can smell for a while but it’ll disappear after some time along with other odors.

Install Exhausts in your Kitchen

It’s extremely important that you have an exhaust installed in the kitchen. Preferably, exhausts should be present in both bathrooms and kitchens. However, arguably, a kitchen exhaust is more important. A lot of things can lead to lingering smells in the kitchen. These include smells arising from burnt toasts, burnt dishes, frying, etc.

Keep a Close Eye on the Litter Box 

This particular pro tip is for all those animal lovers out there. Be it your cat’s litter or your dog’s mess, a smelly litter box is not a pleasant odor to inhale or one that you want to live with. Litter box odor can be stinky, pungent, and lingering. There is a remedy for such particular nasty smells. Place activated charcoal in the litter box or near the litter box. This will help minimize the stench from the litter box to a great extent. This is because activated charcoal has absorption qualities. Also, activated charcoal is readily available in the market.

Odors Emitting from your Washing Machine 

You should know a bit about repeat washing and smell. It can lead to small water particles being left inside the pipe-lining of the washing machine. This leads to dampness and hence the development of fungus, molds and other such things to grow. This, in turn, leads to the laundry room or the area where you wash your clothes to smell. You can get rid of such washing machine odor too.

how to get rid of odors in your home

After washing your clothes, completely empty the washing machine. Then, pour in 2 cups of bleach with warm water. Give your machine a complete cycle. The other method to get rid of washing machines odor is to purchase perfumed tablets. Stick these tablets in the washer and give the washing machine a cycle. Whatever way you go with, make sure to leave the washing machine door open after each washing cycle. All bad odors should be eliminated by doing so.

Treating the Garbage Disposal 

Kitchen disposal is part of every household. However, a lack of proper disposal techniques can leave the kitchen smelling very bad. Leftover food, rotten vegetables and such, all add to the nasty disposal odors. Thus, to remedy this, cut a lemon or orange into large chunks and drop them into the kitchen waste disposal. The odor will be eliminated to a great extent.

But what if the stench is too pungent and the citric chunks can’t get rid of it? Simply, pour half a cup of white vinegar with cold water and run the kitchen disposal. The vinegar will leave a smell but it should disappear after some time along with the rest of the pungent odors.

Clean your Fridge 

Your fridge can be a Pandora’s Box of odors. You never know what you really have in there. Sometimes you put things in and they are left to rot because you forgot about them. In the end, you throw away the food which has gone bad. But the smell lingers in the fridge.

how to get rid of odors in your home

To remedy this, go through and clean your fridge daily. Also, open up a can of baking soda and place it in the back of your fridge (away from vegetables).

Stop Smoking Indoors

Most people are repellent towards the pungent cigarette smoke smell. People with breathing problems are most affected by it. There is a way to get rid of cigarette smoke smell. Open up all the windows of your home and spray an air freshener. Also, you can allot a separate smoking room for people who smoke so that your entire house doesn’t smell.

Dealing with Bathroom Stench

There are efficient ways to get rid of bathroom stench. Either let the exhaust run all day or turn it on for a couple of minutes after using the bathroom. Also, apart from that, you can line your bathroom with scented candles and use an air freshener. Make sure to daily dry out wet towels to get rid of the musky smell.

Be Vigilant about It 

By regularly keeping your house clean, you can avoid all kinds of odors. Also, you can do spring cleaning at least once a month. This would lead to your house remaining fresh. 

Make Your House Odor Free Right Now! 

If you need help with keeping your house odor free, the team at Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. can help! Our experienced team understands what can make a house smell and how to get counter it. Call us today and we’ll ensure that your home continues smelling fresh!