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About Us

If you are looking for customized cleaning services, diligent domestic engineers, and a flawlessly clean home,
look no further than A+ Maid4Cleaning Inc.

Who We Are

Maid 4 Cleaning aims to provide the best possible services for all of our customers.

We aim to satisfy your cleaning needs, by using personalized cleaning services for each job. Our promise is to provide honest communication with each one of our customers. We strive to use different techniques and experiences always including extra services. Going above and beyond is standard for us because we take pride in our work.

We utilize different techniques, and add extra services including:

  • Cleaning front doors inside and out
  • Cleaning and organizing your front closet
  • Cleaning under kitchen sinks
  • Washing patio doors
  • Changing bed sheets
  • Dusting ceiling fans and vents
  • Using a toothbrush to provide an extraordinary clean.
We follow a stringent cleaning routine that is both proven and effective, by working each room from top to bottom, left to right, ensuring to never take shortcuts. You are guaranteed our proven

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We strive to provide the best service possible for our clients.

What we do

Each member of the A+ Maid4Cleaning Inc. works together in order to complete a thorough inspection after your cleaning service is completed

This helps us to ensure absolute perfection with making sure that your home is as clean as possible. We take pride in our attention to detail and promise that we will provide a better clean than any other maid service.

Making a comfortable environment for both our employees and customers is one of our top priorities. Our happy staff is a tribute to the positive attitudes that we encourage, and is reflected in the cleaning services we provide! We offer the following services but are happy to customize our packages to your needs:

Curly-haired cleaning professional scrubbing oven burner with toothbrush

Giving Back to Our Community

On top of providing immaculate cleaning services, we strive to support our local community. 

Maid4Cleaning sponsors fundraisers such as Kids CAN Charity, as well as providing discounts, flexible hours and catering to those with special needs, in order for everyone to be able to enjoy our services. Community involvement is extremely important to all the members of A+ Maid4Cleaning, because we feel like it is our duty to give back to the community that so graciously supports us. We love to participate in community events and supporting our community is a goal we strive to meet every year.

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24 Hour Guarantee

Our cleaning company in Mississauga goes above and beyond any of our competitors. We work to exceed your expectations each time we enter your home.

A+ Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. Pet Friendly

We are all animal lovers, and we understand the stress of leaving your dog or cat during the day while we are cleaning your home.

At A+ Maid4Cleaning Inc., we have your pet’s priority at the top of our list! We are all animal lovers, and we understand the stress of leaving your dog or cat during the day while we are cleaning your home. Our team is here to put you at ease because while we provide you with exceptional cleaning services, we are also here to take care of your beloved pet.

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