Our Services

Personalized cleaning services by driven, dedicated, and proud professionals.

What We Offer

Our plan is customized based on what you, and your home requires. We like to personalize our work to give you the cleanest home possible. By utilizing many different cleaning techniques, and adding extra services when necessary, our stringent cleaning schedule is proven to be extremely effective.

We work each room from top to bottom, and left to right, so we never miss a single spot in your home. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best home possible. We are here to serve you with our cleaning services in Mississauga!

The Highest Standards Possible for Your Comfort.

The team we have is also held to a very high standard, to ensure absolute perfection when cleaning your home. We want to ensure your home is spotless once we are finished. We promise that we will provide better results than any of our other competitors. In fact, we are so committed to our services that we offer a 24-hour guarantee for all of our clients.

We Go Above And Beyond

Our specialized techniques set us apart from our competitors. We also offer additional services like the toothbrush clean. This upgrade service is when we take the time to clean small, detailed areas with toothbrushes, allowing us to get into areas of your home that would be missed by traditional cleaning techniques. No one else is as committed to a clean home as we are! 

Hand and Knees Common Areas

We get down and fight the grime.

At Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. we don’t just sweep and mop, we get down and fight the grime on the floors of your common areas. We use a diligent system to make sure we stringently clean your kitchens, tiled surfaces, hardwood, and anything else that isn’t carpeted! It’s this attention to detail and hard work that makes sure we give you the best clean every time.

A Safe, Clean, Home For You And Your Family

We are proud to offer services with the HEPA backpack vacuum. These amazing machines collect at least 99.9% of all household allergens and pollutants. With the help of these machines, we are able to make your home a cleaner environment for any family members suffering from allergies or asthma. Our HEPA vacuums feature a four-level filtration system that make your home a safer place for anyone to live.

With these vacuums we have more freedom to clean anywhere in your home! No more missed areas with a HEPA backpack model! We can clean every inch of your home effectively with our backpack vacuums.

We will Clean your Home for You!

Whether you are looking for a recurring cleaner or one-time clean, we offer both! Learn more about what we can do for your home. 

24 Hour Guarantee

At Maid4Cleaning, you will have a service who strives to provide the best possible service for all of our customer.

We promise to provide results that go above and beyond your expectations every time we provide our services to your family. Our specialized techniques, expert experience, and dedicated staff set us above and beyond any other company in the area.

We will provide your home with the best clean it has ever received. Our experienced team is here to provide you a thorough and polished cleaning, or your money back. If you are not happy with our work, let us know within 24 hours, and we will come back and fix it for no additional charge!

Where We Clean

A+ Maid4Cleaning Inc. provides expert cleaning in the following areas:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Pre/Post Event Cleaning
  • Post Construction
  • Everyday Cleaning
  • Move in/Move Out Services
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Organization Services.
Committed To Making You Happy

We also love to work in pet-friendly homes and ensure we tend to any of your pets needs. We are different than traditional cleaners because our entire team is present to complete a thorough inspection after each clean. This allows our team to ensure perfection for each and every clean.

A+ Maid4Cleaning is so committed to the cleaning we provide, that we guarantee all of our services within 24 hours.

24 hour clock in purple
woman with red hair cleaning tile floor on hands and knees

We Will Clean Your Office Space!

Learn more about what we can do for your office or commercial buildings. Improving the cleanliness and air quality of your work environment will help maintain good employee health.

Learn About Some of Our Products

We utilize the most efficient cleaning systems to deliver unmatched quality services. Here are some of the popular cleaning products that our team has access to while cleaning your home or office space.

Woman wearing backpack vacuum cleaning skirting board

HEPA Filter Backpack Vacuum

The HEPA vacuum is extremely effective while cleaning large commercial areas and getting in those hard to reach places. This machine collects at least 99.9% of indoor contamination and filters approximately 99.7% of dirt and pollutants in the air that can make you or your staff members feel ill. As you can see, this vacuum has incredible cleaning power which is why we use it in each every commercial area we clean. The HEPA Backpack delivers outstanding cleaning capabilities while collecting dirt and has a filtration system that is extremely effective. Feel the difference of the HEPA vacuum when you breathe in your newly cleaned space.

Cleaning More than Before

Our team members can perform more cleaning with their hand’s thanks to the freedom offered with the HEPA backpack vacuum. The hands-free backpack puts our cleaners at an advantage by allowing us to pick up items more easily and move furniture for a more thorough clean. In addition, the cordless vacuum allows us to reach every square inch of your home, ensuring nothing gets missed! Enjoy the benefits of this machine when we clean your home or office and leave it feeling fresher than ever.

Additional Health Benefits

We are dedicated to using this vacuum because of the added benefits it has. You will see and feel an amazing difference in room cleanliness and the quality of air in the building. Did you know that poor air quality can lead to a variety of health issues that may affect you and your staff members, including:

  • Eye Irritation
  • Nose Irritation
  • Sore Throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma

These conditions can be avoided thanks to the HEPA filter backpack vacuum and the amazing work it does to filter your air. We understand that your health is important to you, and that’s why we choose to clean with the most effective products. Maid4Cleaning is dedicated to providing customers with the cleanest home possible to help families maintain good health through excellent air quality.

Toothbrush Clean

Maid4Cleaning provides the most thorough clean to businesses located in Mississauga and the surrounding area. We are is constantly improving our commercial cleaning services by implementing new techniques and training our team members diligently. Our popular toothbrush clean allows us to clean very small, detailed areas that are difficult to tackle, such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, tiles, and air vents. This is only one of many ways we stand out from our competitors!

What it Entails

We are proud to offer this cleaning technique to demonstrate our excellent attention to detail while cleaning your space. Utilizing a toothbrush allows us to be extremely thorough and precise while cleaning your office or home. Our team is capable of reaching those small, hard to reach areas that traditional methods cannot get to. We consider the toothbrush our secret weapon to clean grout and grime more quickly and efficiently. Maid4Cleaning will tackle those difficult and disgusting areas that are due for a good cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

No other cleaning team is as committed to cleaning your home and office like Maid4Cleaning! Our staff will go above and beyond to provide the best cleaning service at an affordable rate. We offer customized cleaning plans for our customers and propose additional upgraded options that are available. We are happy to discuss the requirements for cleaning your office or home and customize a solution that will leave a long lasting impression. Discover the difference a toothbrush clean can make and contact Maid4Cleaning to give your space a new and fresh feeling.

cleaning stainless steel sink with toothbrush

Shmop (Not Mop)

Our Maid4Cleaning staff will show up at your commercial building on time, and with all of the necessary equipment on hand. If you have tile or hardwood floors, you are in for a treat with the Shmop. This product will leave your floors feeling fresh and looking cleaner than the ordinary mop.

How Does it Work?

Every floor will be cleaned with one of our favourite products. Whether your home requires a thorough dusting or a fresh mop, the Shmop provides a sanitary clean every time! This device works wonders in the office, bathrooms, kitchen, and hallways because it ensures every inch of the floor is clean. Often enough, some mops leave streaks on your floor from excess soap and your floors remain feeling sticky. Unlike those mops, this one will result in glossy and smooth floors throughout your place. It doesn’t matter whether your floors are mopped often or not, the Shmop will guarantee a clean floor.

Leaves Your Home Looking and Smelling New

We typically end our work with an outstanding floor wash using the Shmop. We will move any furnishings that are in the way and return them back to normal once we have cleaned the area. Our cleaning professionals will sanitize your floors and have the rest of your home looking new and smelling fresh.