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How To Clean Faux Leather Couch

So you’ve recently purchased a faux leather couch for your space. But not only have you been admiring it and the wonders it does in tying your space together, now you’re left wondering how you’re supposed to keep it clean. Keeping faux leather items clean is much easier than you think which is why our professional cleaners are going to offer some helpful tips and tricks on how to keep it spotless, especially if you have pets and kids.

Many people opt for faux leather furniture because it’s vegan-friendly and more affordable than its real counterpart. Plus, it’s actually easier to clean than real leather too. But do you actually know how faux leather is made or what it’s made from?

This synthetic material is made from a polyester base that is treated with wax, dye, polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane. Unlike genuine leather, it feels a bit colder to the touch and has a different smell, but it looks and feels pretty much the same and can be just as durable.

Cleaning a Faux Leather Couch With a Towel

A Guide To Cleaning Your Faux Leather Couch

While a faux leather couch will get the most use, and what people are most interested in learning how to clean, this guide can be used for any faux leather furniture.

What You'll Need

Note that you can also buy an actual faux leather cleaner/stain remover, but if you already have the above natural cleaning products at home, you don’t have to worry about spending the extra money on a cleaning agent that may potentially be full of harmful chemicals.

Also note that you always want to use a mild detergent or soap as stronger ones can damage the fake leather.

Cleaning a Dirty Faux Leather Couch using a Vacuum

The First Step: Do A Spot Test

Before cleaning faux leather products, no matter if it’s a purse, couch or chair, you’ll want to do a small spot test first. This means choosing a small area that isn’t visibly noticeable just in case there is a bad reaction. For example, on your faux leather sofa, choose a small spot on the back that faces the wall or underneath.

The Second Step: Always React Quickly

Don’t just leave stains on your faux leather couch for long periods of time. As soon as you spill something or notice a spot on it, attend to it right away.

For Basic Stains

If you’ve accidentally spilled your tea, coffee, juice or dropped food on your faux leather couch, this is where mild dish soap or detergent mixed with water in a spray bottle will really come in handy.

All you’ll need to do is simply mix one tablespoon of detergent with enough water to fill the spray bottle and give it a good shake. Spray the mixture onto a soft cloth or microfiber cloth and gently wipe the affected area in a circular motion.

The reason we suggest a non-abrasive cloth like the much-loved microfiber cloth is because it’s generally lint-free and extremely absorbent. It’s also not rough on your furniture so it won’t leave streaks or scratches.

Cleaning a Dirty Faux Leather Couch using a Yellow towel

For Tough Stains

Mistakes happen, so don’t beat yourself up. If you or your child have accidentally spilled something on your faux leather couch like pen ink, marker ink, etc., you’ll need a mixture that’s a little tougher.

In order to remove stains that are a bit more serious, this is when vinegar or rubbing alcohol will come into play. In a spray bottle, mix equal parts water and either distilled white vinegar, or rubbing alcohol. Give it a good shake and dap your dry cloth into the mixture and then on the stain. Keep repeating this until you start to notice it make a difference, using a clean part of the cloth each time.

Extra Tip For Small, Quick Stain Removal

Again, instead of spending your money on an expensive commercial cleaner, we recommend having baby wipes on hand. Yes, you read that right. Baby wipes are very gentle and work well removing small stains like a quick tea, coffee or juice spill. Just gently rub the area and then dry it with a dry, non-abrasive cloth afterwards.

Did You Know That Faux Leather Can Dry Out In Direct Sunlight?

As well as cleaning your faux leather furniture with the above methods, you can ensure it lasts even longer by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Sun can dry out faux leathers which can then lead to cracking and stiffening. In order to keep your fake leather sofa conditioned, use any coconut oil you may have on hand. Melt about a tablespoon of coconut oil and begin dipping a dry, clean, lint-free cloth into it and applying it to the sofa.
A Woman Cleaning the Couch using a Vacuum Cleaner

Leave Cleaning Your Faux Leather Furnoture To A Professional

If you don’t have time or just don’t know how to clean faux leather furniture, leave it to a professional cleaning team who knows how to handle your furniture with care, no matter the materials. Faux leather can be very easy to clean, but it can also end up getting ruined if it’s not done correctly.

If you live in the Mississauga area and need help with your cleaning tasks, give Maid 4 Cleaning a call. We can clean faux leather along with the rest of your furniture and every room in your house. And, for your peace of mind, we only use natural cleaning products that are safe for pets and kids.